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motorcycle parts co., ltd.

Senda sprockets is professional manufacturers, specializing in the production of motorcycle sprocket, industrial chains and gears.
Our factory are set up in the year 2006, first as manufacturer only. Since 2016, we have began our exportation business, we are the supplier of the biggest distributor of motorcycle parts in Lation America, we have kept the business with them in the last 7 years and become best friends during our cooperation based on good quality products and loyalty and goods credit with each other.


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We have a professional and experienced exporting team, we can supply the best service.

  • We can accept small order include many models.

    We can accept small order include many models.

  • Our price <br/>is competitve.

    Our price
    is competitve.

  • We have a strict quality control system.

    We have a strict quality control system.



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    Title: Exploring motorcycle sprocket trends in the African market: Insights from Morocco

    introduce: For a motorcycle, one of the key components responsible for transferring power to the rear wheel is the sprocket. Demand for durable, reliable sprockets is on the rise in African markets, including Morocco’s vibrant motorcycle industry. In this blog post, we’ll delve into t...

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    How to develope and keep global customers

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    Treat every order with full profession and sincerity

    We got order in July, the customer from Vietnam place d the purchase order directly to our company.Since this was our first cooperation,together with the PO,the customer sent a detailed specification with the model size,surface treatment and package requirement of the products.The customer is ver...

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    Production and sales of our products

    Motorcycle sprocket is an important part of motorcycle accessories and belongs to the range of precision parts. Its production requires high technical requirements. Precise data control and slight error will cause the product to be unusable. The sprocket is divided into front wheel and rear wheel...